Thompson's Road Course is Total Challenge

        When the Road Course event  was planned for the 375 Pro's and the Pro Trucks , no one expected mother nature to join into the Challenge.  The lefts and rights of the circuit combined with grueling heat last Saturday may be the toughest race many of the teams have ever had to survive.

The EXIT Realty Challenge Pro Trucks
         Morning practice had temperatures in the high 80's.   A surprise entry, Duane Noll, in his extended cab Silverado was the first to suffer mechanical woes.  Fans were disappointed when bad luck struck  and the Red 2 was loaded back on the trailer without competing however Duane managed to still have a smile.  "I got to cross another thing off my bucket list," said Noll.  "I raced on a road course."

        Corey Coates won the Ice Breaker in the  opener however the heat Saturday  proved to be too much for his number 81 Silverado.  He was another entry loaded on the trailer before the event started. Points are important as a tie breaker. By not taking the green Corey was unable to be awarded points. This may be a factor as the playoffs get closer

    The Stringer Racing Silverado's were also struggling to keep their transmissions cool.  Despite the issue both trucks were able to take the green flag.

     The EXIT Realty Challenge Pro Trucks and the EXIT Realty Challenge 375's were on the track at the same time, lined up approximately a half lap apart.   The ProTrucks, let by the 80 of Mike Cavallaro , charged down the super long main straight and headed to turn one to kick off the racing.     Jim Boyle in his #2 Silverado grabbed the early lead and looked absolutely untouchable cruising out front for the first seven circuits.  Boyle won the Stock Car portion of this event when it was known as the Stock Car Road Race Challenge in 2015.  Having a ProTruck win on the same course would look nice on the resume, but it was not to be.  The hot track proved a bit to slick , and Jim spun out of the lead.

    Gerard Giordano Jr. inherited the lead at this point and never looked back.  Giordano has plenty of experience on Thompson's Road Course .  He has been known to pilot a BMW there for car owner Fred Heinly.  In his mirror there was only one driver to be concerned with.  The points leader, Allen Coates had switched from Dodge to a Chevrolet Silverado for this event. The 90 was the fastest truck in practice, and even faster in the race.   Half way through the event Allen set a ProTruck track record time of 1:23.526, erasing Frank Dumicich Jr. from the record books.  Unfortunately the rear end gear started to heat up as  Mother Nature chimed in with on track temperatures over 118 degrees.   Coates slowed as he nursed his Silverado to a 7th place finish.

     Josh Stringer was still battling transmission overheating problems.  Despite  the woes, Stringer turned laps faster and faster as the event wore on.  His fastest, was the last lap only 2 tenths off  Allen Coates EXIT ProTruck Track record.  The 29 was faster late, but there was no shot of catching the 15jr. cruising out front.

       When it was over it was Long Island's Gerard Giordano Jr. in victory lane.  Stringer had to settle for the runner up spot.  Early leader Jim Boyle grabbed the third and final podium position. 

     The race for the Chase also heated up.  Allen Coates, Gerard Giordano Jr., Andy Lindeman and Corey Coates are currently in the Chase spots.  After the mechanical setback  Saturday,  Corey is vulnerable to being bounced out of the Chase, should another team win their way in. The tie breaker when teams are tied with wins is the points total.  The battle for the Wild Card chase entry is also a hot one.  Josh Stringer leads Jim Boyle in those standings by a mere 3 points. 

Click here for>  Points Standings After the Road Course Challenge
Click here for>  EXIT Realty ProTruck Road Course Challenge Final Standings


Coates vs Coates Highlights
EXIT Realty Challenge Battle Round 2

      The EXIT Realty Challenge ProTrucks headed to Stafford Springs Connecticut to cap of the first day of "Sizzler Saturday".  Under sunny skies 14 trucks took to the half mile.  Corey Coates looked untouchable as he rounded the speedway at 22.204 seconds.  Practice ended the day for a special driver in the felid, Brazil's Junior Turcetti.  The throttle stuck on his #28ma Silverado. The hit was hard enough to place Junior in the Speedway's Concussion  Protocol, ending  his day. 
     EXIT Realty Challenge ProTruck Qualifying was done by heat race.  Andy Lindeman cruised out front in the 3 to earn the pole position. Corey Coates earned the outside pole position for his 81ny with  his second place finish.  Allen Coates placed his #90 Dodge 3rd.  Gerard Giordano Jr. and Jim Boyle rounded out the top five.

     Soon is was EXIT Realty Challenge race time. Lindeman's Silverado carries a paint scheme that honors Dale Earnhardt Sr. Fans always react with excitement when the 3 is out front. On the initial start the track itself was slippery.  The outside groove had more grip and as the green fell, Lindeman's tires spun.  Corey Coates was able to move to the front.

     After the completion of  a lap yellow flew.   The 80 of Mike Cavallaro and the 67 of Jon Zoller slid in turn one.  Both trucks were fine and the field was gathered for the restart.

     Action resumed with the rolls reversed.  Coates, with warm tires was able to get a bit more grip, however Lindeman pulled ahead on the front stretch. Coates was able to fight back low through turns one and two.  The senior Coates, Allen followed along.  Lindeman was forced to settle into third.  Giordano was able to move the 15jr into the 4th position on the following lap.    

      Back in the pack Josh Stringer and Dave Koenig were having a battle of their own.  The 29 wanted by and used his bumper to move the 97 spinning Dangerous Dave. The caution was out for the second time. Stringer's 29 looked to be a contender for the win early. The task of earning a win would become much more difficult as he was moved to the rear of the field.

    The field was gathered up for the restart, this time with Allen Coates on the outside of his son.  The younger Coates had the shifting linkage jam at the most inopportune time.  Corey eventually got the 81jr into 4th gear, but lost momentum.  Allen. in the Dunleavy 90 took over in first. Lindeman moved to second. Coates recovered in 3rd.   Boyle moved the 2ct into fourth.  Jim was racing with a heavy heart. This was the first event since losing his brother Charlie.  The  race was dedicated to Charlie McMullin. 
     At half way Allen Coates 90 Dodge was cruising in the lead.  Son Corey had worked his way back to second.  Two trucks were on the move.  Gerard Giordano had side by side battles with Boyle and Lindeman.  He was in third.  The other truck that was on rails was the Stringer Racing 29.  He had moved from last to 6th.

    Allen Coates simply cruised to the win. Giordano was able to moved into second, and closed late, but ran out of time to make any type of challenge for the lead.  Josh Stringer was able to move into the final podium spot competing a great charge from the back of the field.

     After two events the Coates vs Coates battle is in full swing.  "My son is talking so much  smack, he wasn't beating me today"  said Allen in victory lane.  The driver of the 90 Dunleavy Dodge pulled out all the stops to get his first Pro Truck win at Stafford including calling on a few lucky charms.  In  the list of acknowledgments Coates thanked Joey Ferrigno "cause he told me this fire suit has a lot of wins, so I borrowed it today. .....I am pretty happy for him letting me borrow it."

    Gerard Giordano fought carburetor issues throughout the event. Thanks to an awesome handling truck prepared by his crew chief, Gerard Giordano Sr., he was able to lock down the runner up position. " I want to thank EXIT Realty and Stafford the track because I love this track. This tack is insane and fun too drive."

    3rd place Josh Stringer explained his great run with just a few words, "The truck was on rails of the start" explained Stringer. Josh also thanked the Boyle family. "This race was for Charlie . This race, even for third place, is dedicated to Charlie."  Josh Stringer is engaged to Jim Boyle's daughter, Allison Boyle and considered Charlie McMullin part of his family too. 




 Spring Sizzler Special Dedication

   If you follow the EXIT Realty Pro Truck  Challenge , you know of  Jim Boyle and his 2ct Silverado.  The truck  itself is always sharp looking.  The  team uses mechanical skills and a great crew where others might spend thousands to achieve success.   The crew is made up of family members and  friends. There is always great food in the trailer and smiles all around.

    Jim Boyle was intrigued last season with one particular event. The Pro Trucks were off to Devils Bowl for a race on dirt, and the 2ct team planned on winning.  They made the trip to Vermont for practice.

     The event was special to a lot of teams.  Frank Dumicich Jr, owner of Teddy Bear Graphics in Long Island, made a special trophy. The race was a lane swapping battle between Dave Koenig and Jim Boyle.  The 2ct found their way to victory lane.
     These events take an astronomical effort by all involved.  Hundreds of hours are invested.  Some events just turn out perfect. This event was everything competitors want a race to be, especially in victory lane where the 2ct team celebrated. Certainly this night was special. 

     In that crew, celebrating with Jim was Charlie McMullin, Jim's brother.  Charlie truly enjoyed everyone.  You can just see when someone belongs.  Charlie was always happy to be interacting with Boyle's crew.  Charlie enjoyed the adventure win or loose.  Any outcome would be fine long as he was there.

   The EXIT Realty Pro Truck Challenge drivers compete on the track.  Off track, there is an extended family. Charlie McMullin is the model of how those family members should be.  He went to the race to be with friends, enjoy the competition , enjoy his family and team with his brother. There is no doubt this night was all about Charlie and Jim. Sometimes the guy that is supposed to win seems to for reasons we could never foresee. That was the case at Devil's Bowl Speedway last July.

     Earlier this month Charlie was hospitalized.  This week he was lost to illness. Please join us at this Saturday's Stafford Speedway Spring Sizzler as we have one more night all about Charlie and Jim. This weekends EXIT Realty Challenge Pro Truck race is dedicated to Charlie McMullin and all like him that are part of the racing family and just happy to be with us. It's not the outcome, it's the journey. We offer our deepest condolences to the Boyle family.  We will miss Charlie. We are sure he is watching over as we journey on today.

      For more information on the 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler, or to order tickets, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at  www.staffordspeedway.com.

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Corey Coates Victorious at the Ice Breaker!


 4-7   The EXIT REALTY Challenge ProTrucks kicked off their season at Thompson Speedway's 44th Annual Ice Breaker Saturday.  Group qualifying sets the field for New England's fastest race trucks. When time trials were over it was Gerard Giordano Jr. setting the fast time with a lap of 22.800 seconds.   With that time he had a choice to make .  He could start the race from the pole position, or he could take the EXIT Realty Challenge and give up that spot and start last.  If he could win from last he would increase his winners share from $1000 to $2000.  The lure of the money was not enough to give up the pole position. The 15jr opted to start from the pole.

   Soon it was time for the much anticipated race.  Giordano's 15jr Silverado was joined in the front row by Corey Coates in the Dangerous Dave's Racing 81ny. Jim Boyle and Josh Stringer lined up in row two. Allen Coates rounded out the top 5. Despite the traditionally cold weather, a fine crowd was on hand to watch as the final feature event of the day got underway.  Starter George DeCoster waived the green as the leader approached turn 4, but there was trouble with the start. Giordano felt Coates had jumped the start and left early.  The 15jr did not accelerate and the field passed on both sides. Coates charged off into the lead only to spin exiting turn 2. The yellow was out.  With less than a lap complete both front row trucks were now relegated to the rear.

    Last year's World Series winner Jim Boyle and Josh Stringer inherited the front row for the lap 4 restart. Boyle jumped ahead on the front stretch, but Stringer took advantage of the momentum of the high groove of turns 1&2 and motored off of the high banks and into the lead on the the backstretch. The field settled down to single file racing.

       It was not long until the 81ny was back in the hunt. By lap 7 the leaders were Stringer's 29 , followed by Boyle in the 2ct.  Allen Coates followed in 3rd. Behind Allen was the battle of the 81s. Tyler Chapman had his 81ct Silverado holding down the 4th spot. Amazingly Corey Coates had charged in his 81ny from the back of the pack to fifth.

    Many race fans were watching the progress of Mike Cavallaro in his #80 SportTruck.  Sport Trucks regularly at the Seekonk Speedway. This was the first race that the downsized models were allowed to compete with the full size ProTrucks.  Cavallaro's truck was very popular with the fans. He was up to 8th early. 

    By lap 13 Corey Coates had moved his 81ny into contention for a much anticipated family battle.  Allen Coates had all he could do to keep the 81ny of his son back. The pair fought side by side.

    The mid stages of the event had 3 pairs battling.  Up front Boyle was giving Stringer all the competition he could handle.  Coates verses Coates was in full swing.  Tyler Chapman had his hands full with Gerard Giordano. 

    The pairs soon turned into a cluster of 5.  Giordano had joined the lead battle. he was looking for any opening to get by. Suddenly on lap 23, while exiting turn 4, Joshua Stringers Silverado snapped around and spun into the infield. The caution flew and Corey Coates inherited the lead. 

    The field was restarted with 6 laps remaining.  Jim Boyle's 2 was set up for the long run and did not come up to full speed right away. He dropped back into the clutches of a charging pack. Allen Coates was able to power by on the outside. Giordano moved to 3rd. Jim Boyle held on for 4th.  The 29 of Stringer some how slice and diced his way from the back and rounded out the top 5.

      Corey and Allen have had battles in the trucks before. On this day  Allen was not going to be able to mount a serious challenge to his son.  The younger Coates was on top and cruised to  his first Thompson Speedway Ice breaker win.  In victory lane Corey was quick to thank Dave Koenig, his car owner for choosing him to wheel the Dangerous Dave's Racing 81ny.  "All I can say is the truck does the work.  I  just sit behind the wheel."   said Corey.

    This year's Pro Truck schedule has less events, therefore there is added pressure to get into the Chase.  With the Ice Breaker victory Corey Coates is on top of the standings with a win and the most  points. Andy Lindeman also has a credit for a win.  He grabbed a victory at the Waterford Speedbowl that counted towards this year's Chase. He is in second due to tat victory.   Allen Coates currently sits in the 3rd Chase spot based on points.  Gerard Giordano is in the 4th spot,  and Jim Boyle currently is holding on to the wild Card berth.  Leading in Rookie of the Year Standings is none other than Mile Cavallaro in his #80 Sport Truck.

     The Exit Realty Challenge ProTrucks next event is the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway  April 28th.  Last year Stringer racing pulled off a 1-2 finish with their 2 trucks.  Pro Tucks are always awesome at Stafford.  Hope to see you all there.

2018 EXIT REALTY Pro Truck Challenge Video

Copies are available for purchase from Robert Bagot
Photo credits to Kenneth Brunell.


Banquet News and Notes


      January 27th marked the last official event with Mr. Rooter as the ProTrucks Series Sponsor.  The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series Banquet was held at F1 Boston.  Teams headed to the indoor Karting and function facility for a night that included racing with friends, family and crew, a dinner, awards and even some live music.

     Karting kicked off the event.  40 drivers each had two sessions in which to qualify for a 10 Kart 25 lap finale. The racing was like any Saturday night shoot out you might see at the short tracks in New England. When it was over it was Jim Boyle taking the Checkers over Gerard Giordano Jr. and Allen Coates.

 After dinner it was time for Awards.   The first to be recognized were all those that helped out during the season.  George DeCoster , Harold Burdick, Bert Ouellette, Harold Churchill, Roger Hunt, Terri Churchill , Lorraine Pard and of course our guy that does all the announcing, John Gates were introduced to the crowd.

  Three teams earned Innovation Awards. The 18x of Mark Stewart was recognized for their dyno work.  Duane Noll's 2 team was recognized for being the first team to utilize the street stock conversion option, and the crew chief of Andy Lindeman's 3, Howie Madsen,  was recognized for installing a new quick change rear of their Silverado. Thousands have viewed the 2 truck this season.

One award that is a sign of the times was the Social Media MVP.  The award goes to the team that generated the most electronic hits on the image of their race truck. This year the award went to Duane Noll.

The Iron Man award went to the 28 team of Rick Ashlaw.  From broken axels to blown motors, Rick's  F150 was hit with adversity yet, week after week, the Snap-on Tools sponsored Ford was on the grid and ready for action at the next event. The 28 is one of the best looking trucks out there, prepared well. This huge task is accomplished with just a few team members.  Hats off to a great effort to Rick Ashlaw and the 28 team.

The "Mr. Consistency" award goes to the driver to team that had the best average finish  in 2017.  One prerequisite is the driver must have competed in at least ten events.  This year Gerard Giordano dove his 15jr Silverado to a series best average finish of 5.07. Giordano also scored the most points this season with 1018.

   Most racers want to be known as a driver that charges through the field.  This year's Hard Charger Award went to Josh Stringer. To be eligible, teams must have at least competed in 10 events.  Starting position was compared to finishing position, and the 29 Stringer Racing Silverado was the best moving through the field in 2017.

There is no doubt that Allen Coates is always a threat to win. He is also know for helping many of the teams get through their seasons.  From set-ups to chassis  repairs, he is always working on other trucks, while his own often sits off to the side. It is no surprise that Allen Coates was the 2017 Most Popular Driver.

  2017 saw one driver have a rough start at Thompson.  Jim Boyle's 2ct Chevrolet left with the aid of two wreckers after a crash in the 2017 IceBreaker.  His crew is awesome. The truck was back in time for the next event. When the series returned to that same track for the World Series, it was Jim Boyle with the same truck in victory lane.  The team also won the first race ever on dirt for our ProTrucks. With 2 wins, 4 top 5's and 54 laps led , Jim Boyle was the 2017 Mr. Rooter Truck Series Rookie of the Year.

The top 5 in points were then honored. Number 97 Dangerous Dave Koenig finished his season out 5th in points. Gerard Giordano and the 15jr team wound up 4th.  Frank Dumicich Jr, finished out 2017 in 3rd. Stringer Racing swept the top two positions in the final standings. Josh Stringer was the runner up.  Andy Lindeman was awarded his Eighth ProTruck Championship Trophy and a check for $1800. 

    The awards segment of the banquet ended with Competition director Marshall Hurley taking the podium to give teams a preview of what to expect in 2018. 

      Exit Realty will sponsor the ProTrucks in 2018.  The Exit Realty Pace Car will be at all events. The Exit Realty ProTruck Challenge will kick off the season at Thompson Speedway's IceBreaker. From there they head to The Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway.  Provided all technical issues can be worked out the ProTrucks will find themselves on the Road Course in June.  Hudson Speedway hosts the Exit Realty ProTruck Challenge in July. The season wraps up with a return to Lee USA Speedway in early October and then a Chase event to decide the Champion at Thompson Speedway's World Series .

   Another change in 2018 is the addition to "Sport Trucks" to the field.  Seekonk Speedway is the home of the Sport Trucks.  The highest finishing Sport Truck in each Challenge event will be guaranteed a minimum of $300.
   Exit Realty has some exciting things planned for ProTruck racing fans and those announcements will be along soon so visit the website often.

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Sport Trucks to be Eligible in 2018

        Race trucks in the northeast compete weekly at three different tracks.  Riverhead Raceway on Long Island, the SpeedBowl in Connecticut and Seekonk Speedway in Massachusetts all have weekly race truck action.  Seekonk's version is known as Sport Trucks.

    Touring ProTrucks have traditionally been included at season kick off and closing events at all of the major tracks. Every season to date, the Seekonk Sport Trucks have been over looked. That has changed. This season the Sport Trucks have been approved for competition for the Ice Breaker's ProTruck race at Thompson Speedway,  the Spring Sizzler race at Stafford Speedway, and all ProTruck events moving forward.

     "The issue has always been the rim and tire size." says competition director Marshall Hurley. "The Sport Trucks run Hoosier's but they are 14 inch tires and rims"

    Over the last few seasons Sport Trucks have practiced with the  ProTrucks at the SpeedBowl. Both types of trucks have been evaluated for corner and straight away speeds by radar.  Both trucks raced at Seekonk Speedway in 2017. Those events were evaluated for lap times. Despite being on two different size Hoosier tires, with some minor adjustments, the Sports Trucks are competitive.  Sport Trucks are now eligible as "S' option trucks for 2018.  Teams will have to put on a 2 inch taller spoiler. Sport trucks will have the option of running a 4 barrel carburetor. Many Seekonk Sport Trucks already have the same drive train. All trucks must pass the ProTruck rear wheel horsepower rule.

     It is well known that the series has rules that benefit the base truck known as an A/B Chassis which is a Chevrolet 602 powered engine, with a 4 link suspension, and a 108 inch wheel base metric chassis.  That is the preferred chassis. For those that own other type trucks, options are offered to allow them to compete.   The C Chassis is a stock chassis with a 112 inch wheelbase. The D chassis is a metric street stock conversion with an extended pickup body.  The S Chassis is based on downsized trucks.   With more of the fans driving downsized trucks, the Seekonk Sport Trucks are a nice fit moving forward.  See all the ProTrucks battle it out at Thompson Speedway's Ice Breaker April 6th and 7th.  For tickets or additional information call 860-934-2280 or visit the website at www.thompsonspeedway.com

All Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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    2018 Series Sponsor to be Named at Banquet


    There will be plenty of news to share this year at the upcoming banquet in January.   The top story has to be the announcement of a new series sponsor for 2018.  Vin Beedle, owner of the Mr. Rooter franchise that has sponsored the ProTrucks to date,  has been responsible for everything from booking the first race, to choices of shirt colors.  He went out on his own and signed the series first event.  Vinny has a love for truck racing, and will continue to be involved with the series.  He is moving his company to an associate sponsorship role to allow others to become marketing partners.  Vinny will still be the go to guy for the day to day management of the series.
    WTC,  the company that owns the series has diversified their efforts.  There is a new limited sportsman class that will race a few races in 2018.  There is also a road course event, the Bracket GP,  that has been added.  The ProTrucks will continue although the number of races for 2018 is expected to be reduced.  The new title sponsor will branch across all three types of racing. The new title sponsor is expected to be announced as part of the 2017 Awards Banquet at F1 Boston.


F1 Boston to Host the
2017 ProTruck Awards Banquet

    When it comes to ProTruck racing in New England, 2017 was an eventful year. The efforts put forth by our officials and  teams to provide exciting  racing was second to none. In the off season most racing divisions have some type of awards ceremony. For the big tracks, the halls are extravagant. We race trucks. Ball rooms and dancing is not our forte. Our teams enjoy a good dinner and awards like the rest, but a little fun mixed in with the event might be in order.

    The ProTruck teams will head to F1 Boston for their awards banquet January 27th.  RJ Valentine's facility has put a special night of celebration together.  Located in Braintree MA, F1 Boston is a kart racing venue for corporate events and social functions, featuring two indoor kart tracks.  F1 Boston provides a wide array of race-themed programming for events including off-site meetings, dinners, sales/staff meetings, trade shows, incentive events, rewards programs, team building, recruiting, and holiday events. All events are race-ready; with racing suits, helmets and karts provided. This seems more our style!

The 2017 ProTruck banquet will start out with Go-Kart racing . The Chase contenders will all be provided Go-Karts to race.  Guests attending the banquet will also be able to compete, for with every purchase of a full table is a ride in a Kart.  There will be qualifying races and then a final.  Fans and racers alike can get one more chance to beat the Champ.

     Following the Go-Kart Races there will be a special team building pit stop contest.  Teams will do a simulated pit stop on a former Denny Hamlin Cup car. F1 Boston  often has events where the pit stop contest is used for team building.  One might think the racers will have an edge but a group of execs from Home Depot holds the record.

    The teams will get a bar/changing time break and then it is off to dinner .  Awards will follow. The top10 in series points will receive trophies. Others will receive recognition awards. Categories for awards this year include Rookie of the Year, Iron Man,  Mr. Consistency, Hard Charger, Social Media MVP, and a special recognition for Innovation Excellence.

There will be some music and a private bar so guests may hang with the racers. The night is a celebration of  what proved out to be our best season ever. Fan's and racers alike are invited to celebrate all of the teams successes, with special attention to Andy Lindeman, the ProTour's 8 time Series Champion. Tickets are 57 dollars.  There is a limit of 100 guests, so get your purchases in early.  Tickets go on sale Tuesday November 28th.





    Championship weekend at Thompson Speedway is always  loaded with excitement. Over 400 cars filed the pits for the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing. For the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series 16 competitors were on hand to battle.

     Time trials were sponsored by Exit Realty's Beatrice Associates of Middleton Ma.  Long Island's Mark Stewart set fast time at 22.928 seconds.  The time was disallowed due to a procedural infraction however notice was served that the 18x was lightening fast.  Jim Boyle was awarded the pole and the $250 dollars that went with it for his lap of 22.942 seconds. Corey Coates time trialed in third but also had his time disallowed due to a technical infraction.  Second place and the $100 dollar prize that went with it was awarded to the 00 team of Tom Walkowiak.  The run was pretty impressive for it was the first time Walkowiak had ever seen the Thompson Speedway.  The third time trial spot was awarded to Tony Naglieri and his 03 team.  Chase drivers were not included in time trials. 

    An unexpected story for the race was the weather.  As the night wore on, a fog settled over the speedway.  The visibility declined rapidly.  The ProTruck Series race had to be rescheduled to Sunday.

    The 35 lap feature event was lined up and on-track directly after the Whelen Modified Tour event.   Jim Boyle's 2 ct led the field to green.  The 00 of Long Island's Tom Walkowiak lined up outside. Tom Metcalf lined up third..  Frank Dumicich Sr. lined up fourth.  The Chase drivers were all at the back of the field. Coates and Stewart lined up just in front of them.

     Boyle jumped out into the lead with Walkowiak directly behind. Boyles truck was dominant, and paced with ease.  The action was deep in the field.  The truck to watch early was Dumicich. He moved from 9th to 5th in four laps.  Meanwhile his other chase competitors were stacked in a fierce battle with Mark Stewart.  Stewarts's 18 x made circuit after circuit on the outside while Lindeman's 3 tried to pass low. The 81ny of Corey Coates and the 15jr of Giordano were stacked up waiting for things to sort out. Eventually Coates and Giordano would get through.  Lindeman did not get by until the later stages.

      Up front  Boyle was checked out.  Allen Coates chased Boyle but was in need of a yellow to catch the leader. The laps were winding down.  One truck that was slowing was the 42ny of Frank Dumicich Jr.  The 42 was not handling as it had earlier. Coates and Giordano were closing.

            Coates and Dumicich ran side by side for a lap. The side by side racing allowed the 15jr. of Giordano to close. The laps were winding down and Giordano clearly had a much faster truck.  The white was unfurled by starter George DeCoster.

     Leader Jim Boyle finished his cruise to the win.  He was able to get out front early.  The track that he felt "owed him one" had paid off the debt. Jim Boyle and the 2ct team were officially the winners of the ProTruck race at this year's Sunoco World Series.   Allen Coates never was able to mount a challenge to Boyle. He had to settle for second. Allen's son Corey was hoping for a caution he held on for third.

      It was the battle for the Championship that all eyes were on. Dumicich handling had gone away. Giordano Jr. turned the 15jr. low and worked inside the left rear of the 42. There was contact. Dumicich made an amazing save and kept the 42 on track and heading for the start finish line.

      "You got to do what you got to do to get the win",  Dumicich would say post race.  Giordano ended up in the infield.

   Dumicich was initially thought to be Champion.  It is clear he had a Championship year.  They were fast everywhere, overcame adversity and certainly deserve to be recognized for an outstanding season.  The 42 teams racing pedigree is to be admired.

    There was an issue to be dealt with post race.  The series has a no fault rule concerning contact. The rule is simple. If two ProTrucks have contact, and one of them spins, they both are to be placed to the rear.  The contact rule was restated in the drivers meeting, and eliminates judgment by series officials as to fault.  A caution is not required.  The rule has been in place, and applied over the last 2 years.  The contact ultimately was like a crash for once the standings are adjusted, the title falls to the next team in line.

    Andy Lindeman, by virtue of being the highest finishing Chase contender after the adjustment was made, will be the 2017 Mr. Rooter Truck Series Champion.  There is no doubt Andy would have preferred a flat out victory. Sometimes you have to be in contention for the win and the cards fall your way. For race results click here.

    As a sad note, after the Thompson event it was learned that Jim Boyle's brother was lost to a vehicle accident in North Carolina.  All of us at the Mr. Rooter Truck Series offer our deepest condolences to the Boyle family.


Corey Coates Scores SpeedBowl Win,
Koenig Grabs Wild Card

      The Mr. Rooter ProTrucks headed to the Waterford Speedbowl with a lot on the line Saturday evening.  Playoff berths were at stake.  A wild card battle needed to be settled. There was also a 35 feature  event to win.

     The two teams that had the most on the line were the 2ct of Jim Boyle and the 97 of Dave Koenig. If Boyle could pull off the win, he would qualify for one of  the four Chase Berths and Josh Stringer would fall back to the Wild Card position. If the 2ct team could not find victory lane, Koenig would be the Wild Card entry and Boyle would be out.

     Pole position qualifying would be the first indicator of who had speed. Andy Lindeman set a blistering lap of 16.522 seconds to grab the pole position. Gerard Giordano Jr. was fast as usual and earned the second starting spot. Jim Boyle qualified third while Koenig, his competition for the wild card would have to start way back in eight.

      There was an awesome pit party after qualifying.  All  of the divisions that race at the Speedbowl arranged their race cars on the track.  Fans were allowed on track where they had a full hour to mingle with the drivers and crews. Most teams brought treats and drivers had their autograph cards ready.   The track was soon cleared and it was race time.

    Lindeman lead the field  to green. The 3 truck of Lindeman  got a great run down the main straight and led easily  Most the field settled into line.  The 9 of Keith Scalia slowed in between turns 3 and 4 causing the first yellow flag of the evening on lap 7.   No cleanup was needed.  The field was assembled quickly and back underway on lap 9.

      Two trucks were noticeably fast.  The 99 of Allen Coates was working his way up from his 7th starting spot while up front Allen's son Corey, in the 81ny was hounding Lindeman. Entering turn 3, Corey nosed under Lindeman. andy tried to turn down and shut the door but it was too late. Corey held his ground and took over the top spot on lap 14. Gerard Giordano Jr. was able to work his way by on lap 17.  Meanwhile the senior Coates in the Donleavy 99 was still charging from mid pack.

    On lap 18,  with a plume of smoke, the 68 of Jeff Karns grenaded his motor. Simultaneously the 15jr was losing a rear end. The field was gathered first under yellow and then under red as the wrecker crew set onto the task of cleaning oil and rear end fluid off o the track surface.  There is no better crew than at the Waterford Speedbowl. The track was declared fit for competition and we were back underway.

    On the restart, young Coates was able to vault back out front.  The elder Coates, in the 99 found a way to move into the runner up spot, but never mounted a serious challenge.  Lindeman held on for third. Dangerous Dave Koenig secured his wild card position by working his way to 4th,  Duane Noll, in the extended cab Silverado rounded out the top 5. It was another one- two finish for the Coates family in Victory Lane. This time Corey held the spoils of victory  For complete results click here:  SpeedBowl Results.

  The Waterford finish set the  stage for the Chase.  The series will head to Thompson Speedway to settle the battle for the 2017 Championship as part f the Sunoco World Series. 

   The Chase has a simple format.  The "Wild Card" entry will start last on the field. To be Champion, he must win the race.  Otherwise he returns to the points standings for his final yearly standing. If  Koenig does not win, then the other four Chase berth holders will fight amongst themselves for the Championship.  Whatever way they finish is exactly how they end up in the points.  They will start in the back and work their way through the field.

      The favorite is clearly Andy Lindeman. He is looking to repeat , and has been lightening fast all year. The  3 looks glued to the track when it runs.  He leads everyone as the #1 Seed.  Nothing would thrill Lindeman more than an eight Championship

     The  #2 seed is Gerard Giordano Jr.  He finished second both times the series visited Thompson this season. He won at Stafford Speedway's NAPA Fall Final.  What might have appeared to be bad luck may have been good as the rear end of the 15jr blew up at the Speed Bowl Saturday night. Better there than the Championship race for sure.

     Frank Dumicich Jr. heads to Thompson with confidence. He has been fast at both Thompson races this season. If he had a weak spot, it is that he wears a black hat.  The Championship standings are determined by where the  Chase teams finish in relationship to each other.  Traffic could get between the 42 and the 3.  It's no secret that many have had their feathers ruffled by the younger Dumicich. Never the less, the 42 looks like a strong Challenger to win it all at the World Series.

    The 4th seed is Josh Stringer. The 2015 Rookie of the Year has a win and has run strong for the entire season. He'll have his work cut out for him chasing down his teammate Lindeman.

    Many have expressed concerns for starting the fast guys to the back of the  field.  Competition director Marshall Hurley is not.  "Most tracks handicap and do that weekly.  Other than Koenig, these teams do not have to win to be Champion. They will be keeping an eye on each other. The last thing they want is to be put to the rear and have ProTrucks between them and the lead chase truck.

     The trucks will have special orange highlights on the rear spoilers and over the windshield identifying that they are Chase competitors. Clearly this has the  makings to be the highlight race of the weekend.  Less than a week away, the Championship will be decided at Thompson's 55th Annual Sunoco World Series of Speedway  Racing. For tickets or additional information call 860-934-2280 or visit the website at www.thompsonspeedway.com


All Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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Giordano Jr. Wins Shirley Lindeman Memorial


      The Mr. Rooter Truck Series headed to Stafford Speedway Saturday to be part of one of the premier racing events in New England, the NAPA Auto Parts Fall Final.  This year was especially important .  The racing community had lost a legend. The communities affection for this man could be felt driving through town. The 13 flag was displayed at the ice cream stand. This Fall Final was all about Ted Christopher and the retiring of the 13.  Each ProTruck carried the number.  Every racer wanted to be part of this event.

        Some weather delayed practice as a front moved through. Due to remarkable efforts to get things underway by the Speedway staff, ProTrucks were on track and practicing shortly after noon.  The field was remarkably even.  The radar gun had five trucks at 100 mph entering turn one.  Judging by the radar gun, record times were expected in qualifying.

         Andy Lindeman didn't disappoint.  He placed the number 3 Stringer Racing Silverado on the pole position with a lap of 21.944 seconds.  Jim Boyle, in the 2ct  was 2 tenths of a second off Lindeman's pace. The 15jr. of Giordano timed in 3rd fastest.   Dangerous Dave Koenig and Josh Stringer rounded out the top five.

      It was not long before the field was gridded and ready for 25 laps of green flag action.    On the drop of the green the 15jr. of Giordano tried to get his nose under Lindeman but Andy was having none of it and took over the top spot.  Giordano settled down and moved under outside pole sitter Boyle to take over the runner up spot.  The two leaders pulled away.  The early battle was now for third.  Coming out of turn two on lap two, Boyle's Silverado seemed to get loose.  Koenig tagged Boyle from behind knocking him into the 42 of Frank Dumicich.  Dumicich battles for control.  The 42 was sideways.  It was the save of the year as Frank battled down the back stretch, and through turns 3 and 4 sideways but did not spin. The field continued under green.

    Lindeman led  lap 4 but was slowing.  The right front wheel was tucked awkwardly into the fender well.  The 3 moved high through turns one and two to get out of the way of the field.  Giordano took over the top spot.  Lindeman continued on to the backstretch and eventually spun. Mechanical failure had taken the fastest ProTruck out of competition for the evening as the first caution flew.

     For the restart up front it was Giordano with Josh Stringer on the outside. Koenig and Boyle made up row 2. Frank Dumicich and Canestrari followed in row 3. While battling for third  entering turn 1 Boyle and Dumicich got together. The contact knocked the 42 high.   The 28 took advantage of  Dumicich's  loss of momentum and moved by.  Coming out of turn 4 Alex Canestrari tried to follow.  Canestrari's 318 slid up into the back of the 42 sending both trucks spinning to the infield. Both trucks were placed n the rear of the field.

    Giordano led the field again to green on lap 7. This time Dangerous Dave was on the outside. Jim Boyle in the 2ct was now 3rd. Both of the leaders ran side by side until coming out of turn 4, where the 15 of Giordano reasserted himself as the leader.  Koenig settled into 2nd.  Boyle followed along in 3rd.  Frank Dumicich Sr. was now 4th.  Josh Stinger rounded out the top 5.

      The race progressed through the mid stages with the top 3 evenly matched.  Josh Stringer was now in control of the 4th spot. Frank Dumicich Jr. Had worked his way trough the field  Alex Canestrari  spun the 318 and the field was under caution.  This set up a restart on lap 16.

     Flagman George DeCoster unfurled the green for the front row of Giordano and Koenig. The top 5 completed lap 16 tightly bunched.  As they headed into turn one, the 2 of Boyle and the 97 Koenig made contact.  Koenig spun however Boyle suffered the worst of the contact. His flat right front ended his chances for the win.
    On the lap 17 restart it was a new player up front. Josh Stringer challenged Giordano this time. The two headed down the back stretch with Stringer three quarters of a truck ahead. At the line it was Stringer but Giordano was not done. The next lap was virtually a dead heat at the line. With  5 to go it was still Stringer.  Dumicich was now the puppet master. He put the bumper to Giordano, pushing him down the back stretch and back into the lead by a bumper. 

Giordano chased his truck a bit going into 3.  Stringer made room.  This allowed Dumicich to cross back under creating a 3 wide drag race coming to the line with 4 to go.  Giordano widely backed out entering turn one.  Dumicich took control of the race coming out of turn 2. Giordano and Stringer were back side by side again as they headed down the back stretch. At the line this time it was Giordano and Dumicich side by side. The battle went on to the back stretch. This time around it was the 15 of Giordano out front. Now Stringer and Dumicich were side by side.   One  more time around and the leaders finally sorted out.  Giordano held on for the win.  Josh Stringer followed in second. Dumicich would say later that he just made his move to early.  He had to be satisfied with third. Koenig fought his way back to fourth. Frank Dumicich Sr. rounded out the top five.

  The race had many playoff implications. The win insures that Gerard Giordano Jr. has locked his position in the Chase race at Thompson's World Series.  Josh Stringer will be in the Chase race as the wild Card or in one of the Chase berths.  All eyes will be on Jim Boyle. The task is simple for Jim . Win the race at Waterford next Saturday evening, and the 2ct team would be in the final Chase spot.  The 29 team would then be the Wild Card entry. If Boyle does not win, the 29 is in a Chase berth an the 97 of Dave Koenig will be awarded the Wild Card berth.

    The Series heads to the Waterford Speedbowl Saturday for 35 laps of exciting ProTruck racing action this Saturday night. Get your tickets by calling  860-442-7223 or visiting the web site at www.speedbowlct.com .  Pictures in this article all are from the Robert Bagot YouTube video below. 

For complete results click here.






The Shirley Lindeman Memorial
at the 45th Annual
NAPA Auto Parts Fall Final


  It is hard to believe that the leaves are turning and the 2017 The Mr. Rooter Truck Series season is up to the last few points paying events.  There is not a more important event than the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Speedway September 30th.     The Shirley Lindeman Memorial Race honors Shirley Lindeman.  Expect many of the Mr. Rooter ProTruck competitors  to carry remembrances as teams honor a friend, mother and fan of all ProTruck competitors. 

  The Mr. Rooter ProTrucks moved to a "Chase" format last season. Andy Lindeman is the defending Champion.  As we head into next weekend's event, Andy has the 3 team at the top of the standings with 3 wins.  He won last week. He won the Spring event at Stafford.  He is the favorite Saturday night.  This season Andy has the Stringer Racing Silverado locked in to a Chase Berth. For obvious reasons there is not a race this season that the 7 time Champion would enjoy racing more.

The Stringer racing team finished 1-2 at Stafford in the spring.   Josh followed Andy across the line on his bumper.  With only two regular season events left, Josh is guaranteed to race for the 2017 Championship at Thompson. He can lock into a Chase spot with a win in the NAPA Fall Final or at the Speedbowl in the final regular season event. If all else fails, his performances this year have guaranteed him at least a wild card spot provided he races the next two events.

   The wild card was added due to the 2016 performance of  Gerard Giordano.  Giordano's record over the last 2 seasons is amazing with 14 podium appearances in 20 events.  Last season he won the finale at the SpeedBowl, and finished second in season points. He just did not have a Chase Berth.  The rules were changed. This season the highest points position driver without a Chase Berth earns a Wild Card Berth.  The Wild Card would have to repeat Giordano's accomplishment and win the Thompson event  to be the Champion.  The 15jr. is not locked into a Chase Berth as we enter Stafford. he is certainly a threat for the win.       

   Another truck to watch is the 42 of Frank Dumicich Jr.   His performance in the opener at Thompson was amazing. Dumicich, like Lineman is locked into the Chase.  Dumicich runs well at Stafford, and was reeling in eventual winner Lindeman at the end of the Spring event when the final caution flew.  He can't wait to get back to the Thompson Speedway to race for the Championship.  Still a Stafford Fall Final win is the order of business first.  Expect the 42 to be up front.

    There are five drivers still eligible to bump Stringer and Giordano  out of their berths.  The 5ny of Frank Dumicich Sr. is still eligible. Always one of the most popular drivers, the  5 team had a rough start. Still, win 2 and he is in.  Rookie Rick Ashlaw's 28 is a fan favorite.  He held the Wild Card points position for much of the year.  He needs to win two.  Dave Koenig has come from the bottom of the standings to wrestle the Wild Card Spot back. He needs Stringer and Giordano to stay in their berths, or he'll have to win his way in.  Jim Boyle and the 2ct team have battled adversity all year and still find themselves in the hunt for the Wild Card. That is just one way to get there.  Win on Saturday, and Boyle is locked in. 
Finally there is Duane Noll.  He is down in the points due to missing an event and a penalty however, he is a driver that knows how to pull out all of the stops. His entry at Waterford last week was the first ever Chassis D truck. It ran in the top 3 until overheating issues slowed the defending Speedbowl Champ.  He had a podium finish in the Spring Sizzler and would like nothing more than to  put a pair of wins together and earn a Chase berth.

     Expect a full competitive field  as the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series honors the memory of Shirley Lindeman at this year's NAPA Fall Final.

      For more information on the 44th Annual NAPA Fall Final Weekend is available on the web at www.staffordspeedway.com or by contacting the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783.

All Photos courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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      Some days you'll never forget. This past Saturday at the Waterford Speedbowl was one of those days. There was a ProTruck race that demonstrated how far the series has come going green to checkers without caution. The race saw the first ever converted street stock- extended cab truck created and raced by Duane Noll.  The race had the debut of another new driver, Dan Butler, and a masterful  performance from our Champion, Andy Lindeman both in qualifying and as he led all the laps enroute to winning the race.  Those stories and others should be the headline, but somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, cell phones were chiming and and unbelievable news set teams buzzing. Soon tears were flowing. The news was so terrible that track workers were challenged to complete the evening.  

     If you are even a casual fan of racing, you understand what Dale Earnhardt meant to NASCAR.  In New England our Dale E is TC.  As we go forward September 16, 2017 will always be known as day the racing world lost Ted Christopher. The similarities in these two men are unreal. They were both champions with a style that may ruffle some feathers. They both were undeniably legendary racers.  They were both mentors. You'll read of  the countless racing accomplishments of Ted Christopher over the next few weeks. What is most important is that the best part of Ted Christopher, even if you consider all of those records and accomplishments was how Ted Christopher lived once he unstrapped the seat belts.
      In the  grand scheme of racing, the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series is regional.  As it struggled to grow, Ted Christopher came to help.  " He drove my truck, but it had to have a 13 on it so I lettered it up." said General manager Vinny Beedle. It was a thrill for the series drivers to race him. It was a thrill for the fans to watch.  "He had a big smile on his face. He said, "This is fun." "

     Ted loved all type of racing.  He won in anything and everything but what you might  not know is if it  was an extra special win, the team just might get treated to another one of his favorite things, Ice Cream.  "He loved ice cream. He wasn't a drinker. He was a hard worker, a true hero, and a role model."   Beedle went on to say, "Teddy was a great man, more caring than most. In my earlier years I was honored to sponsor his tour car. He's been there for me as I have gone though so much in my personal life. We spoke often.  I will never forget him and will consider him for ever a personal friend." 
       Vinny announced today, "He meant so much to us. Although he was not a regular on our tour, the number 13 has been officially retired today from use on the Mr Rooter ProTour in honor of Teddy ".  Thoughts and prayers go out to the Christopher family, friends and all those feeling this tragic loss from all of us at the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series. 

Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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Exit Realty's Beatrice Associates Raises Stakes
for World Series Pole

Exit Realty's Beatrice Associates of Middleton Mass has just made pole qualifying on Championship weekend more interesting. Anytime there is more on the line, the battle for  the top prize heats up.  Race fans with the phone app Race Monitor,  or those that follow along on the Thompson Speedway scoreboard can get qualifying times live as the Mr. Rooter ProTrucks fight for hundredths of a second that may mean the pole position to them.

    How can race fans monitor like the teams do?   To follow time trials live on a cell phone all fans have to do is download the Race Monitor app.   Click and Hold the Thompson World Series race listing.  Click follow.

      Pay attention to the second practice.  Non Chase teams will try to get into the top 10 in times in this session. Times are updated live so you can see if your driver made the cut.

     The drivers are scheduled to qualify one more time. The top 10 ProTrucks will be grouped together. Whatever way they qualify is the way they will line up or the 35 lap Championship event.

 There is a little more on the line than starting position though.  Beatrice Associates of the Exit Realty's Middleton office has posted $50 dollars for the third place qualifier. 2nd place will pocket $100.00.  The truck that turns the fast time will  earn $250 and the first starting position.

    Follow it all live.  Time matters. If your agent isn't aware of the latest listings, you may miss the house of your dreams. Be first with Exit Realty and Beatrice Associates, 191 South Main Street, Middleton Ma. 01949.   Call us at 978-777-3948

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    Saturday Night, September 2 was Military Night at the Waterford SpeedBowl. The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series was honored to be part of this special event. 19 trucks were onsite ready to battle for 35 laps.

      Time trials are done in the form of group qualifying. Corey Coates, in the 81 McGuire's Silverado turned a blistering lap of 16.455 seconds to claim is second pole position in as many weeks. The time is a ProTruck track record. Danny Anderson, in the 50 Ford F-150 turned a lap  0.031 seconds slower and had to settle for second.

    There was a threat of weather prompting officials at the speedway to move the show right along. It wasn't long until the field as lined up and ready to take the green. Lined up behind Coates and Anderson was the 2ct of Jim Boyle. Dave Koenig was staged outside of him. In the fifth starting spot was the 15jr. of Gerard Giordano Jr.  Last weeks winner, Allen Coates started in 6th.

      At the drop of the green Corey Coates  pulled the 81 out front.  The 50 of Anderson dropped into second. There was a light trail of sparks under the nose of the 81.  The yellow flew on lap 8 for a spin by Al Stone III.  The field was slowed and Corey was able to take the  81 into the pits for repairs.

     Anderson inherited the top spot for the lap 15 restart. Allen Coates was now lined up on the outside. The field was shown green.  The 99 of Coates darted into the lead however officials did not like the jump Coates got on the leader. The field was slowed and brought around for another attempt.

     Anderson and Coates motored on side by side this time. Anderson was able to clear Coates as the pair headed into turn three .   They settled in for some green flag racing while Jim Boyle and Gerard Giordano Jr. had a heated battle for 3rd.  The 15jr finally worked by Boyle on lap 17.   Back in the pack Frank Dumicich Jr. battled and banged with the number 318 of Alex Canestrari .  Dumicich Jr. was having an off night, bouncing off many in the field.  He eventually ended up spinning after contact with the number 3 of Series defending Champion Andy Lindeman. The incident brought out the final caution on lap 32.

       The field  was set for a green-white-checkered finish. Anderson and Coates pulled away even on the start. Coates powered around the outside and held a slight lead as the duo headed down the back stretch. Entering turn 3 Anderson was able to carve his #50 Ford right to the bottom and owned the top spot with one to go.  He cruised from there to the checkers for the win. Coates and Giordano battled side by side the entire last lap, with Coates prevailing. Duane Noll, Josh Stringer and Dave Koenig  rounded out the top five.

      The Mr. Rooter Truck Series returns to the Waterford Speedbowl September 16th to finish a trio of SpeedBowl events.  Get your tickets as the ProTrucks drivers battle into the chase by calling  860-442-7223 or visiting the web site at www.speedbowlct.com .

 Results : 1st  #50 Danny Anderson,  2nd:  #99 Allen Coates,  3rd:  #15jr Gerard Giordano Jr.,   4th: #2ct Duane Noll,  5th: 29 Josh Stringer,  6th: #97 Dave Koenig ,  7th: #2ct Jim Boyle ,  8th: #68 Jeff Karns   9th: #21ct Todd Taylor  10th: #318 Alex Canestrari

Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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    The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series visited the Waterford Speedbowl for the second of 3 in a row at the famed Connecticut oval. August is for Autographs so race fans were able to meet the ProTruck drivers on this Saturday night.

     On track action heated up right away in qualifying. The teams participate in group qualifying and at the SpeedBowl the fans can follow the action live on the back stretch scoreboard.  Teams use an early session to earn their way into two groups. The Fast 8 then headed to the track for one more session to set the line-up and the father son battle was on.  Corey Coates in the Dangerous Dave's Racing 81 edged out his dad by 16 thousandths of a second ,  to earn the top starting spot..

     Corey led right from the start.  The Dunleavy's 99 settled into second by the end of lap one.  A cluster of 9 trucks followed led by a side by side battle between multi-feature winner Duane Noll and Long Island's Gerard Giordano Jr.  The pair battled side by side for the first 7 circuits until Giordano was finally able to clear Noll.  Josh Stringer, in the Charlie's Water Wagon 29 was right there to hound Noll in fifth. Jim Boyle and  Andy Lindeman were nose to tail battling for the 6th spot.

     Up front the father son battle on.  The truck series competitors have two types of chassis to consider. This battle between father and son. It was also a battle between the A/B Chassis which is a chassis that ProTruck fans would consider the classic basic option, and the C chassis, which is a design originated at Riverhead NY.  If that  was not enough it was also a battle between Dodge and Chevrolet.  Need more.  It was a family feud.  There was even a side bet.  Mom had her money on her son Corey while Cassandra Coates, who also drives in the series part time, put her money on dad.  One thing was certain. Corey was not letting  his dad under.  He  had the bottom shut Allen had no other choice then to move to  the outside setting up one of the greatest side by side battles in the history of the series.  They rubbed and scraped, and exchanged the led lap after lap. At one point sparks flew off of the 99 as it was pinned against the backstretch wall.  It seemed like an eternity to complete. After the 7 lap skirmish it was Allen Coates with the lead, and son Corey in second.  SpeedBowl truck Division points leader and defending champion Duane Noll followed along in third.  Gerard Giordano Jr. was fourth.  Josh Stringer and Jim Boyle battled for fifth. The race went green until with 2 to go, the yellow flew for the 21ct of Todd Taylor.  This set up one final restart to decide it all.

    The senior Coates opted for the inside line. Behind Allen was the 15jr. of Gerard Giordano. Outside of  Giordano was Noll. Stringer and Boyle made up the fifth and sixth spots.  Allen led into turn one but Corey battled back as the duo headed down the back stretch. They were side by side into 3. Out of 4 was less controlled as both trucks were sideways crossing the start finish line. Allen led.  Back in the  pack Koenig lost control and crashed on the front stretch. The caution flew while the trucks were on their final lap ending the race. 

   For this round the family bragging rights went to Allen.  The fans had witnessed one of the best father son battles, if not the best anyone will ever see. The  good news is they  will be back at it again this Saturday evening for Military Night in  the same trucks and fans should expect more of the same great action. Get your tickets as the ProTrucks drivers battle into the chase by calling  860-442-7223 or visiting the web site at www.speedbowlct.com

Top 5:  1st:  #99 Allen Coates, 2nd: #81 Corey Cates  , 3rd: #15jr. Gerard Giordano  Jr., 4th: 2vt Duane Noll, 5th: #29 Joshua Stringer 
             Click  here for complete results                      Photo credit to Robert Bagot.           Click here for his video replay



Danny Anderson wins the Riverhead Nationals

    Riverhead Long Island is one of the best places any fan can go to take in a race.  The area is a tourist delight with Vineyards, an Aquarium, and of course the Hamptons close by. The fans love the track which has been host to awesome historic events.   Some of today's Championship contending NASCAR modified drivers honed their skills at Riverhead. Part of the night's entertainment includes  a live band.  Tiki Huts are at the corners of the track where you  can pull up a bar stool and have an ice cold beer.  For a  fun night of racing, head to Riverhead Raceway.

    Danny Anderson visited Riverhead for the first time last summer. The state of Florida has watched Danny Anderson racing ProTrucks since 1998.  With over 40 wins, teams know the driver of the number 50 is always a threat to win .   Danny actually raced in last year's Riverhead Nationals. The bull ring  is very similar to a track at home where many of those 40 victories were tallied at
    The race day moves fast when you race a ProTruck.  What would be most divisions second practice is actually time trials. Turn a fast enough time, and you guarantee a spot in the top 8 to start.

         Drivers that make the fast 8 participate in a second round of qualifying for the fast 8 that determines the starting  line-up for the Nationals.  Danny Anderson turned a lap of 13.977 , two tenths slower then last year's fast time, but good enough for the pole position.  The 97 of Dave Koenig grabbed the  outside pole.  Mark Stewart, in his first Mr. Rooter ProTruck race, rounded out the top 3. Another driver in his first ProTruck Series,  Tom Walkowiak qualified 4th. Gerard Giordano Jr. qualified a solid  5th. Tony Naglieri , Frank Dumicich Jr, and Jim Boyle rounded  out the Fast 8.

   75 laps was the distance.  Anderson and Koenig led the field to green.  Koenig motored by Anderson to lead lap 1 but Anderson fought back on the inside and had the lead back by the next circuit.  The yellow flew early when the318 of Alex Canestrari retired.

On the lap 9 restart Koenig fought hard on the outside again.  He grabbed the lead or a brief moment on the completion of the lap only to have Anderson slip back by on the inside and gain control of the race. The green session did not last long. On lap 13 the number 42 of Frank Dumicich Jr. dug into the back of Mark Stewarts  number 18, sending the Silverado around.  The yellow was out again. Both drivers were put to the rear.

It was Anderson and Koenig out front again for the restart. The 50 jumped out into the lead, leaving  Koenig to battle with the 00 of Tom Walkowiak. Gerard Giordano Jr. followed along in 4th while Jimmy Rennick Jr. had moved from his 9th starting spot into 5th. Rennick's #7 moved to the outside of Giordano to challenge for the 4th spot on lap 21.  As the two made their way out of turn 2 there was contact.  Rennick fought to control the 7, but bounced off of the 15jr. and into the wall ending his night.

    The safety crew at Riverhead Raceway is top notch, and after a mere 5 laps of yellow the field was being restarted but this time it was the 00 of Tom Walkowiak to the outside of Anderson. Restarts for the Mr. Rooter Truck Series were at the line after the starters box.  There was misunderstanding by the 00 of which restart line  the series was utilizing.  Walkowiak took off early.  The penalty was to drop to the rear of  the field. It was a costly error for the 00 was definitely one of the fastest trucks racing.  Despite the penalty Tom would battle back into the top 10.

   The yellow flag flew again. This time it was for crowd favorite Erin Dumicich. Erin's number 95 suffered a suspension failure ending her night.

  The final restart of the night was on lap 36. On the outside of Anderson was Gerard Giordano Jr.   Dave Koenig had his 97 Silverado up to 3rd.  Jim Boyle had methodically worked his way to 4th.  Tony Naglieri rounded out the top 5.  Anderson had control of the top spot by the end of the restart lap.
   Jim Boyle and Andy Lindeman put on a great battle for the 4th spot lap after lap when suddenly Boyle slowed and headed for the infield. The 2ct slowed dramatically on lap 44 and headed for the infield. Mechanical demons had sidelined the 2ct for the night.

        One of the best shows of the evening had to be the run from the back of the field to the front by Mark Stewart. Stewart is another one of those young drivers in the ProTrucks that the series is proud to have race. At 19  years old he already has 11 wins in the trucks at Riverhead. By lap 60 he was by  the 3 of Lindeman. On lap 72 he went  by Koenig.  He clearly had the 18 heading to challenge Anderson.  He simply ran out of laps. We'll never know if he had anything for Anderson because the race field was too spread out . One thing is for sure. A restart would have been very interesting.

  Missed the race? You can watch the video to the left from Pitstoppitbull.com .   The pictures above are also all credited to Peter Milano.

The series heads to the Waterford Speedbowl for another 35 lap event Saturday where the  fierce battle for the 4 series Chase spots will continue.

Frank Dummicich Jr. sits atop of the point standings with 2 wins. Andy Lindeman also has a pair of wins.

       Josh Stringer and Gerard Giordano Jr. both have 1 win.  4 drivers, Rick Ashlaw, Dave Koenig, Jim Boyle and Duane Noll all have a shot of taking the wild card points spot. The all could win their ways in with a victory at Waterford.   Qualifying for the series Championship is getting tight.  Get your tickets as the ProTrucks drivers battle into the chase by calling  860-442-7223 or visiting the web site at www.speedbowlct.com

Results 1st:#50 Danny Anderson,   2nd: #18 Mark Stewart,   3rd: #97 Dave Koenig, 4th: #42 Frank Dumicich Jr.    5th: #3 Andy Lindeman,  6h: #2vt Duane Noll,   7th: #29 Joshua Stringer,  8th: #00 Tom Walkowiak,   9th: #03 Tony Naglieri, 10th: #42 Frank Dumicich Sr.  
Complete results click here


Stringer Takes Controversial Win


WATERFORD, CT (August 5, 2017) It was race number one with the merger of the Mr Rooter Pro Truck Series and the NLWS Trucks. Two groups of qualifying started the night off for Mr Rooter Pro Truck Series, group one had  nine trucks battling for starting spots eleven on back. The second group would produce the pole through position ten. Once the dust cleared it was the #42 Truck of Frank Dumicich Jr on the pole.

Tonight’s main would be a 35-lap event with a twist. For the first thirty laps the cautions would count. The five remaining laps had to be completed under green flag conditions. The group qualifying and the added twist for the feature had the fans buzzing.

   When the green waved it was Dumicich Jr shooting out front with Duane Noll and Joshua Stringer in tow. The trio would battle until the caution waved as a couple truck in the rear got tangled up. The restart got the fans up as both Dumicich Jr and Noll got their trucks sideways allowing Stringer to move his #29 Truck into second.

The caution would wave slowing down the pace as Jordan Churchill and Frank Dumicich Sr got together on the frontstretch, ending Dumicich Sr night in his #5 Truck.

The restart with twelve laps to go had Dumicich Jr grabbing the lead with Stringer right on his rear bumper. Stringer tried the inside and was able to make it stick but the caution once again waved for the #1 Truck of Brian Norman slapping the back stretch wall.

The restart got a little dicey as Noll was able to get to the inside and make it three wide. The three trucks swapped positions numerous occasions until the fourth and final yellow flag waved after a hard hit into the turn three wall by Jordan Churchill. Churchill was shakene up and the race was red flagged, setting up a Green/Checkered shoot out.

The restart featured Dumicich Jr and Stringer on the front row. The green waved and Drumicich Jr grabbed the lead and moved up and left the inside groove open for Stringer and Noll. The trio entered turn three and Stringer shot to the inside in his #29 Truck. The two trucks would lean on each other with both trucks banging and neither driver giving the other an inch.

The checkered flag would wave as Dumicich Jr crossing the line first with Stringer all but glued to Dumicich Jr truck. Noll let off and finished third. It was uncertain who won the race for a few minutes as the trucks came back around and stopped on the frontstretch. The race win was awarded to Stringer in the #29, who actually crossed the line second. The decision was made that Dumicich Jr was penalized one spot for aggressive driving on the last lap. The decision gave Stringer his 2nd win at The Speedbowl along with the $1,000 winners purse.  Dumicich Jr showed his displeasure in victory lane with a tap to the rear of the Stringer machine.

The Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series continues on August 19th at the Riverhead Raceway with the running of the 2nd annual Riverhead Nationals.

Mr. Rooter Pro Truck Series (35-lap)  Unofficial Results: #29 Joshua Stringer, #42 Frank Dumicich Jr, 2VT Duane Noll, #99 Corey Coates, #21CT Yodd Taylor, #15JR Gerard Giordano Jr, #2 Jim Boyle, #28CT Rick Ashlaw, #81 Dave Koening, #3 Andy Linderman, #19 Dale Owen, #47 Shayne Young, #199 Eric Finkbein, #25 Jordan Churchill, #318 Alex Canestrari, #1 Brian Norman, #98 Allen Coates, #5 Frank Dumicich Sr, #68 Jeff Karns

 Article by SpeedBowl Pr.                                    Photos from  Video by Robert Bagot.  Click here for link to the video.


Best Wishes from Victory Lane!

    The Mr. Rooter Truck Series visited Hudson Speedway.  There were plenty of stories but none were bigger than sending of Caleb Cashman to Military Service.  Pictured above from left to right are 18x Caleb Cashman, 97 Dave Koenig, #3 Andy Lindeman, #15jr. Gerard Giordano Jr. and #42 Frank Dumicich Jr.

Quick Results:   1st : #3 Andy  Lindeman, 2nd:: #15jr Gerard Giordano Jr.,  3rd: #42Fank Dumicich Jr., 
                       4th: #97 Dave Koenig Jr., 5th: #199 Bert Ouellette,  6th: #5 Frank Dumicich Sr.
                          7th: #28 Rick Ashlaw,  8th: #19 Dale Owen,  9th: #2ct Jim Boyle,  10th: #29 Joshua Stringer
                          11th: #18x Caleb Cashman,  12th: #2vt Duane Noll



Mr. Rooter ProTrucks and SpeedBowl Trucks Merge


  The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series race at Seekonk Speedway was one of the most successful truck races in series history.  Key factors that contributed to making the race exciting were competitive trucks and plenty of them. A mere two years ago, the series had dwindled down to just a handful of trucks.  Saturday's field started twenty.
      Competition director Marshall Hurley has made it clear that anything under 20 trucks is unacceptable. With that theory in mind, the series has merged their efforts with the  Waterford SpeedBowl's efforts to ensure full fields for the remainder of 2017.  The remaining Waterford Speedbowl truck events will now run under the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series banner.
     The change in schedules resulted from conversations between Hurley and the Speedbowl's General Manager George Whitney.   Speedbowl Trucks and Mr. Rooter ProTrucks have similar rules. They are close enough that competitors run both series with no significant changes to the race truck.  Most SpeedBowl competitors have already run with the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series this season. By merging the two series at the Speedbowl, the goal is to produce 20 truck fields.
     For those wishing to compete for SpeedBowl points, the eligible trucks will be awarded points based on the position of Speedbowl trucks in relation to each other.  Mr. Rooter Truck Series points will be awarded throughout the field.  The SpeedBowl races will count to qualify teams for the Chase. Speedbowl races are not mandatory.
     " Merging efforts is important to ensure quality truck racing " said Hurley.  "It will be taxing on the teams, but I am  sure they understand that unifying our efforts will ultimately benefit all of our ProTruck  teams."
           The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series competes Sunday at Hudson Speedway  for the Armed Forces 100, and then returns to action August 5th for the first dual race at the SpeedBowl.

 Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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  The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series traveled to Seekonk Speedway for their first appearance ever in Massachusetts Saturday night.  The series format of group qualifying and 55 lap events made for interesting developments early.

   The  trucks were out first for a warm up.  Two trucks had issues. The 82 of Tony Lafo had a fluid leak and the 25 of Jordan Churchill suffered a failed rear end.  For Lafo the cure was easy. Not so for the 25 of Churchill.  Luckily the 28 team of Rick Ashlaw was in a position to come to the rescue. They were able to lend a his spare rear end enabling the 25 truck to compete.

     Qualifying starts early in ProTruck events.  Certain warm-ups are designated as qualifying sessions.  Times from these session set the top 10.  On this evening, the 3 of Andy Lindeman had a mechanical issue. He was unable to turn a fast lap.  On the other hand, in a truck built by Lindeman, was Alex Canestrari.  His super sharp looking number 318 Silverado set the fast time at 14.615.  Jim Boyle qualified 13 hundredths behind him   The 15jr of Gerard Giordano rounded out the top 3.  Josh Stringers 29 qualified 4th. Duane Noll was 5th. Corey Coates, Frank Dumicich Jr, Tony Lafo, Eric Finkbein Jr, and Caleb Cashman rounded out the top 10. These drivers were deemed Seekonk's Fast 10.

    After a brief intermission, it was time for the teams to go out in the final qualifying sessions that set the line-up.  Andy Lindeman's 3 was lightening fast. He set the fast time of the day at 14.502 seconds.  Because Lindeman did not make the fast 10 earlier, his fast time only moved him to 11th.

    Next up it was the "Fast 10". Josh Stringer set down a blistering lap of 14.419, which put the Charlie's Water Wagon Silverado on the pole. Boyle took his best shot and turned a lap of 14.427.  That time was good enough to put the 2ct on the outside of the front row. Canestrari, Dumicich and Corey Coates rounded out the top five.

    The  ProTruck field was the first feature of an action packed night of racing at Seekonk Speedway. Driver introduction were first and then pole sitter Josh Stringer led the field to green. Stringer got a great jump and looked unbeatable early on. Boyle settled into second. The 318 of Canestrari and the 42 of Dumicich swapped some paint battling for third. Alex eventually got into the side of Dumicich knocking the 42 sideways.  He lifted to allow Frank to gather it up. This allowed the 15jr. of Giordano to move into the top 5.  

     Lap 14 saw the 28 spin to the inside of turn 3. The ProTrucks were under caution. 

    The line-up for the restart had Boyle's 2ct outside of Stringer again. Dumicich lined up 3rd. The 15jr was 4th. Tony Lafo had the 82 settled into 5th.  Stringer took the green on lap 21.   Dumicich took advantage of his inside restart position and moved his 42 to second place.  He then nosed his Silverado under the 29 entering turn 3, and took the top spot on lap 23. Stringer crossed over entering turn 1,  and grabbed the inside position back. He was able to wrestle the top spot back on the very next circuit.  Tony Lafo moved his number 82 Ford F150 into 3rd right on Dumicich's  bumper. Duane Noll's 2vt followed in 4th. Gerard Giordano Jr, in the 15jr rounded out the top 5.  Dumicich was able to nose back under Stringer's 29 on lap 27. One lap later it was Stringer back under. The battle had fans on their feet and only was interrupted when Gerard Giordano Jr. made an error in judgment. He cut under the 2 of Noll as Noll moved down to challenge the leaders. The two made contact.  Noll spun to the infield and the yellow flew on lap 31. 

    The lap 34 restart was one of the most controversial moments in the event. As the leaders moved down the back stretch, Dumicich moved the 29 up high.  He turned right , slamming Stringer's Silverado in the left front fender. The move gained him extra track space low. When reviewed by officials it was clear they felt Dumicich got away with one during this restart.  The move was the  only dark moment in a great run thus far for the 42.

     Dumicich went on to lead.  The contact on the restart seemed to hurt the 29 as Stringer faded.  Some new faces were now  making their presence known up front.  Jim Boyle was back challenging Dumicich.  Dave Koenig's 97 joined. he was up to third.   

     The  two drivers that had brought out the last caution, Giordano and Noll were carving their way back through  the pack  quite easily when Noll made an error and make contact with Andy Lindeman.  The contact sent the  3 to the infield. The yellow flew. That was the end of Noll's night.

    On the restart it was still Dumicich up front. Boyle hounded the leader and with the benefit of some contact slipped into the top spot with just 3 laps left.  Dumicich was quick to return the favor.  The 42 charged right back, dove back to the inside of Boyle, and wrestled back the top spot.   Three laps later it was checkers for the 42ny team. The win was Dumicich's second for 2017 and all but locks the 42 team into the Chase Race at Thompson's World Series in the fall.  Dave Koenig managed to work his way to second.  Jordan Churchill crossed the line in third. Giordano Jr. and  Jim Boyle rounded out the top five.

    Dumicich led 28 laps, just besting Stringer by 2 circuits to earn a championship point for most laps led.  The win places the  42 at the top of the standings. The win also comes with a cool check for $1000.  Post race Dumicich would say " That track was fun. and the fans were great! I have never had that many people stand up and applaud after a race win. It was definitely a nice feeling.

    The series heads to the famed Hudson Speedway for a 100 lap slug fest Sunday July 30th for the Armed Forces 100. The event has special meaning as Caleb Cashman, driver of the 18x will be going off to the service after the event.  He ships out August first.  For advance tickets call the speedway office at 603-882-7293

Results : 1st  42ny Frank Dumicich Jr.,  2nd:  97 Dave Koenig  3rd:  15jr Gerard Giordano Jr.,  4th: Jim Boyle
               5th: 99 Corey Coates,  6th: 98 Allen Coates,  7th: 29 Josh Stringer ,  8th: 82 Tony Lafo 
               9th: 25 Jordan Churchill  10th: Andy Lindeman
                For complete results click here. 

     Photos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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Devil's Bowl Retaliations Place Teams on Probation

     The race weekend at Devil's Bowl was one of the best in the history of ProTruck racing in New England but did  not escape controversy.  Teams had a special payout that was inclusive of both the pavement and dirt events, so any penalties would span over both events.

     The crux of the matter was a move by the 2 of Duane Noll. Early in Saturday's event, the 42 of Frank Dumicich pulled along side of Noll's deuce.  Noll should have given the 42 ample racing room. He opted to simply turn down left, damaging the 42. The style of racing is not appreciated at Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series.  He was warned and both trucks continued.

Late during Sunday's dirt event, the 42 had opportunity to return the favor. He simply spun Noll.  Officials did not catch the incident during the race however, with the wealth of pictures and video clips, these type of actions are reviewed with ease. Noll's crew retaliated as the 42 left the racing surface.  On track issues are one thing.  Crew retaliations are considered even more problematic for the series.

      On initial review the 2 was assessed penalties for the off track incident. A 2 race suspension coupled with a disqualification from all events for the weekend was assessed.  On review of the race footage, the 42 of Frank Dumicich Jr. was removed by rule, from his podium finish and placed to the tail end of the lead lap.

      The initial penalties to Duane Noll did not consider the actions of the 42 team. Team's are strongly discouraged to retaliate for on track incidents.  Teams are to report issues to the race director, and appropriate actions can always be applied post race.

  In view of all information reviewed competition director Marshall Hurley has placed Frank Dumicich Jr. and the 42 team on probation until the end of this season . Any retaliatory acts viewed during competition will result in penalties that may include being declared ineligible for the Chase and post season awards.   Duane Noll and his 2 team's two race suspension has been reduced to probation.  He is eligible to compete however the crew members involved in the retaliatory acts are under suspension for the next two events.  Despite being removed from the standings for Devil's Bowl weekend, the events still count towards his Chase eligibility.

      In hind site, as race director, I could have done a better job by moving the 2 behind the 42 when Duane did not give the lane to Frank.", said competition and race director Marshall Hurley. "Had I handled that incident better, the retaliations are unlikely.  I won't make the same mistake again. "

     The series heads for another first as the ProTrucks will race 55 laps at Seekonk Speedway on July 22nd. For tickets and additional information call 508-336-9959 or visit www.seekonkspeedway.com

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     The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series completed the second half of  Fast & Dirty weekend at Devil's Bowl on the dirt. For all the drivers with the exception of series Champion Andy Lindeman, this event on dirt was a career first. The show moves quickly at Devil's Bowl for there is lots of racing entertainment in a short time.  The fact is the action never quits.

    Teams participated in 2 short practices.  The times were used to set the field of the two qualifying events. Andy Lindeman looked unbeatable as he won his qualifying race.  Jim Boyle looked just as strong in his.
    The track was resurfaced for feature race competition and by 8:30 the Mr. Rooter ProTrucks were staged for the first dirt race in series history.  Lined up behind the front row of Lindeman and Boyle gridded third was the 97 of Dave Koenig.  The 199 of Eric Finkbein Jr. was ready in 4th. Gerard Giordano Jr. rounded out the top five.

   After a few pace laps the ProTruck were charging into turn one. Andy Lindeman led the opening  laps. The 3 bolted out to  a straight away lead, when mechanical woes hit the 3. Lindeman was not to be a factor.

  Behind Lindeman, the 2 of  Boyle and the 97 of  Koenig were at war.  Inside , outside, and door to door the two drag raced down the  main straight and slid through the corners. The lead swapped between the two until Boyle was able to sneak clear low.  Koenig's number 97 Silverado seemed  to be losing grip. A suspension failure eventually contributed to  spin on the main straight. Koenig would not finish the event.

   The surprise of the night was the 199  of Eric Finkbein .  The team made the trip with no intention of running on the dirt.  The team was talked into making a few laps and just taking it easy.  The problem was the helmet. Once you strap one on a race drivers head their outlook changes.  The 199 made it's way to the front, and battled Boyle for the lead on the final restarts.  The 199 team  settled for second and surely were contenders for the win.

    Gerard Giordano turned in another podium finish.  Last year's Rookie of the Year ran up front all night. The 15jr has been constantly in position to win and is emerging as a driver that has a great shot at the title this year.

    Frank Dumicich jr. charged from the back to finish 4th. Frank Sr. rounded out the top 5.

    The series heads for another first as the ProTrucks will race 55 laps at Seekonk Speedway on July 22nd. For tickets and additional information call 508-336-9959 or visit www.seekonkspeedway.com

 Unofficial finish: 1st: #2ct Jim Boyle,  2nd: #199 Eric Finkbein,  3rd: #15jr Gerard Giordano jr., 4th: #42 Frank Dumicich jr.
                          5th: #5 Frank Dumicich sr.  ,  6th:  #29 Josh Stringer ,  7th: 28ct Rick Ashlaw ,  8th: #97 Dave Koenig
                          9th:  #87  Jim Thompson , 10th: #3 Andy Lindeman

    Lap leaders : 1-6 Andy Lindeman    7-8 Jim Boyle   9 Dave Koenig    10-11 Jim Boyle   12   Dave Koenig 
                         13-30 Jim Boyle.

All otherPhotos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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    The Mr. Rooter Truck Series headed to Devil's Bowl Speedway in Vt. for the first half of a double header of racing that slates the ProTrucks for 55 laps on the smooth half mile, and 30 on dirt.  The fast 55 was threatened by rain as storms delayed the start. The awesome crew at Devil's Bowl had the track ready for racing in record time. Racing went on with a slight delay. 

     ProTruck racing uses group qualifying for most events, and when the session was over it was the 2 of Duane Noll at the top of the leader board. This was Duane's first pole position by time with the series. Rounding out the front row was the 15jr. Row two was a family affair as Frank Dumicich Jr. qualified 3rd.  Frank Sr. placed the 5 in the fourth spot. Series Champion Andy Lindeman rounded out the top 5.

    The field rolled over to the front stretch for driver introductions when the first major story of the night developed. Andy Lindeman was a favorite to win the event however the 3 quit running unexpectedly as it rolled over to the intros. Lindeman's 3 was pushed to pit row, and after a few courtesy laps, the field was formed and the green flag flew.

     The first big move of the night came early. The 29 of Josh Stringer went 3 wide low down the back stretch.  The Charlie's Water Wagon Silverado used the daring move to go from 8th to 4th by the completion of lap one.
    Up front the 42 of Dumicich was hounding Noll. The 42 ducked low on the front stretch .  Noll turned hard down .  There was contact between the leaders resulting in some damage to the 42.  The damage slowed Dumicich Jr.  He would run well but did not have the speed demonstrated earlier.  Noll was warned about the incident.

      Andy Lindeman returned to the track on lap 13.  The 3 had suffered a battery failure. The crew did a great job to switch it in record time enabling the champ to finish 11th and score some valuable points.

     The next challenger was the 15jr of Giordano. The 2016 Rookie of the Year hounded Noll.  He looked  high , low and in between but could not find room as the 2vt cut through lap traffic and turned perfect laps out front.

     Late race officials were concerned that the smoking Ford F-150 of Tony Lafo may be leaking. Noll did not want to see a caution as a few contenders were tuning their fastest laps of the day late.  Lafo was black flagged.  The 82 crews battled rear end problems all weekend. They changed out rear gears and despite the valiant effort had to settle for 12th.
    Despite some gear oil on the track, Noll clicked off precise error free laps . The race went green to checkers caution free.

 Lindeman actually had fast time of the race, followed by teammate Stinger, but neither would get a shot at Vermont's own ProTruck driver Duane Noll as the race went caution free. 

For Noll it was his first Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series win of the year. An awesome fireworks display helped Noll celebrate his win.

   The excitement continues today at 6pm when the ProTrucks move on to the dirt track.  Noll was fast in a special practice session some weeks ago. He is certainly a threat to win two this weekend.  Other favorites include Jim Boyle, who races anything anywhere and practiced earlier this month and Andy Lindeman who has run dirt in the past.  Join us if you can at Devil''s Bowl Speedway for the Dirty 30! 
For tickets or more information on Fast & Dirty weekend go to
www.devilsbowlspeedwayvt.com or call 802-265-2112.

Finish:  1st: 2vt Duane Noll,  2nd: 15jr Gerard Giordano,  3rd: #42 Frank Dumicich Jr.,  4th: #29 Josh Stringer
            5th: #199 Eric Finkbein   6th: #5 Frank Dumicich Sr.,  7th: Dave Koenig,  8th:  28 Rick Ashlaw
            9th: 18x Caleb Cashman  10th: 87 Jim Thompson   Complete results will be posted once official.

  All otherPhotos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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      The Mr. Rooter ProTrucks Series teams are busy preparing for Devil's Bowl Speedway's Fast & Dirty weekend, July 8th and 9th. Part of that preparation included a visit this week by competition director Marshall Hurley, and some veteran drivers.  It was certainly a worthwhile trip. 

     Racing is all about people. You won't find a family that loves racing more than Brunos. Track owner Mike used to race,  and was in instructor for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. He and his wife Alayne run the track side by side. "We are here to have fun." said Alayne as she signed in competitors. "If it wasn't fun anymore, we would do something else."  No truer words could be spoken. Everyone there, from the drivers, and fans, to Mike himself seem to be having a great time.

      Rick Ashlaw was the first competitor there. He traveled to Vermont early Sunday and put his number 28 Snap-on Tools Ford F-150 on display for the evening. Rick talked with the fans all night as they flocked to one of the sharpest looking ProTrucks on tour. He also kept a watchful eye on the track.   
    "The surface changes rapidly, all night. It is surprising how fast." said Ashlaw.

      The good news is Intermission is long.  Soon as practice and qualifying ends, Mike Bruno himself heads out and re-grooms the track for the feature events. The show itself moves right along. Sunday evening's  racing wrapped up by 9:30.  When it was done, Mike was back out to re-groom the race surface.   If you watch him you'll see this is one of the hardest working track owners in racing. Bruno never stopped moving all night.  He hopped from grader to packer to 4 wheeler and back and never quit what he calls "Living the dream".  He worked late into the night ensuring the track surface was ready for ProTruck practice in the morning.

     Mr. Rooter ProTruck practice was Monday. Six Mr. Rooter ProTruck  teams were in line by 8am.  Unfortunately the day started with rain. Most in attendance doubted practice would get in, but the sun did reappear, and track owner Mike Bruno was back on the paper clip dirt track preparing the surface by 9. The delay gave time for the teams to groove tires. 

    Both Duane and Glen Noll had their trucks there.  " Dirt racing is on my bucket list." explained Duane.  Glenn was also there just for the experience. He will be in Ireland on race day.  He was glad to see brother Duane's #2 Silverado seemed fastest around the top .

         On the other hand, Andy Lindeman had reason to prepare.  If the 3 team pulls off a win, Andy is almost assured a chase spot.  He was the first on track and looked right at home on the tight turns. Expect a strong effort from Stringer Racing

          Then there is Jim Boyle.  He has raced the  high banks of Bristol, Thompson and now the dirt.  The  fact is Jim Boyle races anytime and anywhere . You get 100% with every lap. Armed with a 360 degree camera, this team is all about having a great time and sharing the experience with everyone that will join in  When the day was over it was clear that the 2ct of Boyle will be a factor come race day.

       Competition director Marshall Hurley had a list of goals to get through.. First and foremost, the teams had to decide on rules.  "Teams are very limited to what they can change from Saturday's pavement event to Sunday's dirt race." said Hurley.

    A supplemental rule section was added and has been posted here on the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series site to cover the event. Some specialty rules include eliminating gear ratios changes, requiring the use of the same shocks and springs to be used in both events, and limiting teams  to use used tires for the dirt race.  To get post season cash, this is  a required event. The series is mandating that teams participate, so a special effort is being made to keep the playing field even.

       One project that did not go as planned, but still shows great promise for the future is the race broadcast program.  The internet service was not strong enough to support a telecast for this event. Expect live broadcasts in the near future.

      Dave Koenig had an in-car camera for dirt practice. Again the lack of internet service so far north ended his efforts for live coverage.  " I wish it had worked. I had the mount installed. It is a blast out there."   Dangerous Dave clearly had the 97 working on the bottom, top and in between. 

      One thing is for sure.  Fast & Dirty weekend at Devil's Bowl is shaping up to be the most entertaining show of the year.  For tickets or more information on Fast & Dirty weekend go to www.devilsbowlspeedwayvt.com or cal (802) 265-3112. 





Time to Drive Dirty!
Devil's Bowl Practice up Next.

       The Mr. Rooter ProTrucks will make New England Short Track Touring series history again July 11th.  The ProTruck Series was the first New England Touring Series to use a playoff  "Chase " style to decide their champion.  The Series was first to use a chassis dyno to guarantee competitors all have the same horsepower.  The ProTrucks are first to use an open time trial session to set their line-up for most events. The Series is also the first to provide fans with a "Spotters Guide" for their phones so they can tell who drives which truck. So what is next?   The Mr. Rooter ProTrucks will be the first touring series to run a double header race weekend that features an event on asphalt, and then an event on dirt.

      The first racer to notice the novelty of trucks racing on dirt was Tony Stewart.  Eldora is the site of some of the most exciting racing of the summer drawing huge crowds as the NASCAR Camping World Series takes to dirt each season.  "I have seen the racing first hand.  The competitors like how they drive, and the fans love the racing. Truck racing on dirt is awesome." says Marshall Hurley, the series director of competition.  " The fans are going to love it!"

     A lot of factors had to come together to put together what is expected to be the best racing event of the 2017 season.  First and foremost is the track.   Devil's Bowl has a smooth, super fast half mile paved oval.  The track layout is similar to Stafford, and we already know every truck series Stafford event has been a nail biter.  To the inside of the oval, Devil's Bowl has a dirt track. The unique design is the most important factor in putting together such an entertaining event.

    The ProTruck Series stars will line up for the "Fast 55" on the asphalt half mile Saturday July 8th.   Andy Lindeman was able to win the pole and lead all the laps in the Fane Trucking number 3 at Stafford earlier this season. Teammate Josh Stringer, in the Charlie's Water Wagon 29 fought his way through late restarts and finished second in the same event. That performance sets The Stringer Racing team as the team to beat for the asphalt portion of the weekend at Devil's Bowl.

    Trucks will be impounded after Saturday's asphalt event. Limited changes predetermined by a test session will be allowed between races.    The idea is to keep expenses down while setting the ProTrucks up for the dirt. Then it is time to get dirty.

       Sunday the Mr. Rooter ProTrucks will finish out the weekend with the first ever competition in the slop.  Heat races will set the line-up for "The Dirty 30" at Devil's Bowl Speedway, Vermont. 
        Interest in the event has been nationwide.   Drivers from as far away as Texas have tried to rent trucks. When a favorite is considered, the name Lindeman is again at the top of the list.  Andy has experience on the dirt, and of course is the reigning Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series champion.

     The  field has a few others that might steal a win.  Willy Auchmoody was involved with Halmar racing when they ran the dirt truck race at Eldora.  He is a known dirt racer. Willy will be in Dangerous Dave's 81ny.  Rick Ashlaw in the 28 has dirt track experience.   The Iron Man, Trevor Dyer also has experience running dirt and may have the Orange Crush 70 slinging some stones. With a little luck Erin Dumicich could sneak away with a victory.

      Want a sneak preview of the trucks on dirt? Devil's Bowl has the series scheduled to practice Monday, June 19th from 9qm to 1pm..  Look right here for updates.  Rumors are the series is working on some limited live coverage of practice as teams prepare for the most exciting weekend of racing in series history.

Photo Credit: #16 of Halmar International Chevrolet driven by Stewart Freisen at Eldora.
                          Taken by Jonathan McCoy of RubbingsRacing.com 7/24/16.

Track photo by Justin St. Louis ,  Devil's Bowl Staff
                                      All otherPhotos on this website courtesy of Passing Bird Photography. 
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The Champ is Back!
Turbush Wins on Military Night

       The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series returned to Thompson Speedway for a special night of racing honoring and recognizing the sacrifices of men and women in uniform. The event, presented by Pepsi had a great crowd on a beautiful sun filled day. Active duty and veterans were able to attend free of charge. 

        Race fans know the sport is all about the story lines, which much like a book, unfold before the event and carry through long past the checkers. The early story line for Sunday's event featured Erin Solomito, and the entire 95 team.  Erin's race at Stafford was cut short by a wreck that she had no control over. Her number 95 Dodge left with the aid of  two wreckers. It  was doubtful she would make Thompson at all.

         Derek Beatrice, a long time supporter of racers throughout New England, owns Exit Realty in Middleton Mass.  His franchise honors those in uniform by giving a 25% commission rebate for military, police, nurses, EMT and paramedics.  Doctors, teachers and coaches are also included .  Derek got in contact with Erin, and sponsored the 95 to be part of this great event.  It still had to get there.  Husband Jerry, and the entire Dumicich family worked night and day and when the first qualifying session went out, Erin was in the top ten.

         Jordan Churchill is a season long success story. Jordan moved up to the ProTrucks from the Legends cars. The new qualifying format was  effect for this event.  Jordan had his eyes on a top 10 spot. He missed the cut by 13 hundredths of a second. He would have to start 11th. Spoiler alert! Jordan would run as high as 3rd in only his third event. Jordan Churchill is certainly making his mark early in the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Season.

        Misfortune struck a few drivers pre-race.  Alex Canestrari had his immaculately prepared 318 ready to compete but was hindered by oil pressure problems. Eric Finkbein has been fast this season, but a new motor had issues that took the 199 out of competition.   The 81 of Tyler Chapman had engine issues and was unable to start. The 29 of Josh Stinger was suffering through transmssion issues.  His crew was able to repair the Charlie's Water Wagon Silverado in time.

      The 35 lap feature event started with a bang. Unfortunately the bang was the clutch of  pole sitter Frank Dumicich Jr.'s 42. As the drivers took the green, the 42 lost forward drive.  Frank tried to edge up near the wall to get out of the way. Frank Dumicich Sr.  in the #5 tried to hold up but was tagged  by the 21 of Todd Taylor who was full throttle.  The 5 careened off Frank Jr's truck and then bounced of Erin's 95.   Somehow the 15jr. of Gerard Giordano slipped by low. The field was under caution with less than a lap complete.

     On the restart the 88 of Roger Turbush demonstrated why he was on the front row. He pulled away while Gerard Giordano, Erin Dumicich, and Allen Coates battled.  Some noticeable runs were being turned in through out the field.  Josh Stringer went from 15th to 5th before his transmission took him out of the event. Jordan Churchill carved his way though the veterans. The 18x of Caleb Cashman moved from 14th to 6th.
     Dave Koenig's season has been trying to say the least.  Dave Koenig was trailing Erin Dumicich's 95 in the races mid stages. Erin had suffered damage in the initial start incident. The damage caused the axel of the Exit Realty 95 to come loose. Erin's truck suddenly turned right and  bounced off of the turn 4 wall. Koenig could not avoid her. The contact ripped most of the right front suspension away. Being the sportsman that he is, Dave was all smiles for he knew his truck had finally run well. A great finish is just a matter of time.

   The late restart did give Allen Coates a shot at Turbush. The 88 Rheem Silverado was sporting a new body and was unscratched cruising around in the lead all night.  The 99 and 88 teams already have a history. Earlier this season, during the Ice Breaker, Allen Coates was slid into by the 88 with brother Chris driving. The contact bounced the 99 into the wall and ended Allen's race. The leader has lane choice during restarts. Those aware of the situation were surprised when Turbush chose the outside lane for this set up a golden opportunity for payback. Many would have retaliated, but Coates, who was battling a tight race truck, raced clean. 2015 Mr. Rooter Truck Series Champion Roger Turbush went on to win the event.

     Gerard Giordano ran solidly up front all day. He battled by Coates to take the runner up spot matching his run in the Ice Breaker.  Coates in his 99 ended up third.  Forth was the highest finishing rookie of the race Jordan Churchill. Series Champion Andy Lindeman rounded out the top 5.

    The 18x of Caleb Cashman had his best Mr. Rooter Truck Series finish of his career .  He cruised into 6th.  Jeff Karns drove the 68 to a seventh place finish. Frank Dumicich Sr., Shayne Young and Rick Ashlaw rounded out the top 10.

    June gives teams a break while testing goes on for the most anticipated event in series history. The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series travels to Devil's Bowl Speedway for a weekend of racing like no other.  The ProTrucks will run a 55 lap event on the pavement on Saturday July 8th and then follow that up with the Dirty 30, a dirt track event on Sunday the 9th.

   If there was one common thought after the event it was to give a big thank-you to all of our men and women in uniform for truly that is what the race was about, and as a series, a big thank  you goes out to Thompson Speedway and Pepsi for including us in such an awesome event.

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Special thanks to 21 Todd Taylor for his inc-ar video photo



New Qualifying Format Debuts at Thompson!

    When race fans see a touring series come to their local race track, the only novelty is usually the race vehicle.  The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series does not use a cookie cutter to shape their race format. The ProTrucks are certainly exciting to watch, but there are other twists, and qualifying is about to get more interesting.

    Southern racing for many years lined up their race fields by time trials. One car time trialing at a time isn't always thrilling.  In the North East, heat racing has often been utilized to qualify. The problem is qualifying races some times have crashes, and the drivers that the fans came to see could be eliminated from the actual race. Things are about to change. The new Mr. Rooter ProTrucks qualifying format blends the two. 

     "Today everyone has a phone. We wanted a format that fans could follow along with on their phone. "  said competition director Marshall Hurley.   The suggested app to use is Race Monitor.  Most of our tracks use transponders to time. Fans can download the app and watch live timing.

      "Our qualifying is based on fast times in practice.  Each practice also doubles as a qualifying session. For Thompson's Military Night we have tweaked the format to make things more exciting to watch"

      Teams need to come off the truck ready to race.  Race times from the first and second practice/qualifying sessions will be used to divide the field into two groups.  The top 10 times from early sessions will qualify for group 1.  The group 2 qualifiers will run a final qualifying session.  The times from that session will set the line up from 11th back.  The group 1 teams will compete in their final session for the pole, and also to line-up the top 10.

      " It is exciting for you  will see those top 10 teams, and on your phone you have real time scoring." says Hurley.  "This is how I keep up. I enjoy it. I think the fans will too."    The  Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series is working on plans to add the real time scoring to the web site for those fans that do not have the app.

       The new qualifying format will be in use at Thompson Speedway Sunday May 21st.  For tickets to the Limited Sportsman Long Distance and Military Night call 860-934-2280 or visit the website at www.thompsonspeedway.com    #LimitedSportsmanLongDistance   #LSLD2017 

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Lindeman, Stringer Racing
Sweep at the Sizzler!


    For the second year in a row, the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series was part of  Stafford Speedway's NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler, and just like last year, this year's race carried a wealth of story lines.

 The ProTruck Series reorganized in the spring of 2016.  Last year's Sizzler was the first event for the new series management. 2016 saw record growth.  This year the popularity of the Series was apparent as 22 beautifully prepared Mr. Rooter ProTrucks lined up to take the green flag.

    Two teams put forth monumental efforts to make the Sizzler. The 199 of Eric Finkbein, and the 2ct of Jim Boyle were all but destroyed at Thompson Speedway's Ice Breaker.  Both teams stripped their trucks down to bare frames. Their ProTrucks were then hauled to a frame machine where they were reset to factory specs.  Then each team completely reassembled their race vehicles and practiced on Friday.

   There were others that burned the midnight oil to put on the show. Alex Canestrari worked with Andy Lindeman day and night to complete his number 318 Silverado, but came up a bit short.  Alex will be at the next event at Thompson Speedway. Saturday morning Lindeman was noticeably tired from the marathon effort.  Due to the effort, the 3 did not get practice on Friday. Lindeman still managed to turned a blistering lap during the first qualifying session.  His lap of 22.187 was good enough to earn the pole.

    The 35 lap race had it's share of drama.  The most serious incident took place early.  Erin Dumicich sat out last season to have her first child.  The Sizzler marked her return.  She looked awesome in practice and qualifying. Erin earned the 8th spot on the grid.  Her return was short lived.  Erin was forced into the backstretch wall on lap 8.  The number 95 Sea Level Construction Dodge hit hard and was sliding to a stop when the 81 Silverado of Willy Auchmoody slammed hard into the right rear. Both drivers were fine. Both vehicles suffered heavy damage and were done for the evening.
    Quite a few drivers had admirable race performances. Duane Noll's run from 12th to 3rd was impressive. Tony Lafo's debut in the former 151 was worth noting.  He ran as high as second.  Jim Boyle ran up front until the very last few laps.  Rick Ashlaw kept the 28 out of trouble and finished well.  

     There was one story line that overpowered them all.  April 29th is the birthday of the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr.  Andy Lindeman has always dedicated his efforts in honor of his idol. His ProTruck has the Childress 3 proudly displayed.     Lindeman not only won the pole, but led all the laps . He survived multiple challenges including a mid race charge from last week's winner, Frank Dumicich Jr.  Stringer Racing fields the 3 Silverado for Lindeman.  Josh Stringer managed to get his number 29 into the runner up spot.  The 1-2 Earnhardt Sr. themed finish made for a popular win and a very exciting victory lane.

     It is early but the chase for the championship is already heating up.  Frank Dumicich Jr. has a victory .   Lindeman's win puts him in one of the 4 coveted Chase berths for now as he campaigns for his 8th Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series Championship.  Josh Stringer is holding down the third berth.  Duane Noll's has been super competitive and holds on to the 4th spot for now.

   The series is heading back to Thompson Speedway May 21st for round three of the 2017 season.  For tickets to the Limited Sportsman Long Distance and Military Night call 860-934-2280 or visit the website at www.thompsonspeedway.com    #LimitedSportsmanLongDistance   #LSLD2017 

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Thompson Speedway / Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series Special Announcement

  After a strong showing at the season-opening Icebreaker, officials from Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park and the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series jointly announced that the regional touring series will be added to the Limited Sportsman Long Distance & Military Night, presented by Pepsi, on Sunday, May 21. This will be the second of three stops for the Trucks at Thompson, with the final championship event taking place at the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing.
        2015 ProTruck Champion Roger Turbush was quick to let series officials know the  88 team would be making the trip to the special event.  Roger's truck qualified on the pole, but prior commitments necessitated handing the ride over to Chris Turbush in April   "I am thankful that Thompson Speedway added the trucks to the show. I am excited to get the chance to race here after having to miss the Ice Breaker." 

      The other half of the front row at the Ice Breaker was Allen Coates in the #99 Dunleavy's Truck & Trailer Repair Dodge. " I have some unfinished business there. " said Coates when he was told of the announcement.   The 99 Dodge was crashed out on lap 2 after contact with the 88 truck with brother Chris Turbush driving. " We had a truck capable of winning. No one likes to be raced like that. The truck is almost back together. It would be nice to make up for that day with a win."|

      The series is off to the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Speedway next.  Check the web site often for we will have there will be much more coverage after this weekend of the Mr. Rooter Truck Series special appearance at the Thompson Speedway in May.     
For tickets to the Limited Sportsman Long Distance and Military Night call 860-934-2280 or visit the website at www.thompsonspeedway.com    #LimitedSportsmanLongDistance   #LSLD2017 

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    The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series returned to the Thompson Speedway Saturday for the 43rd Annual IceBreaker. 18 trucks were in the paddock for the long awaited debut of a new aero package, new paint schemes, new drivers, and a new race format.  Heat races have been replaced by group qualifying.  The  fastest time from any practice/qualifying session is utilized to set the line-up. Essentially pole qualifying got underway the second the ProTrucks hit the track.

         One of the more colorful drivers to make their first appearance was Junior Turcetti.  Unfortunately the Brazilian driver's number 28ma Silverado derailed his efforts when his engine went up in smoke early.  Frank Dumicich Sr.'s number 5 was another ProTruck that suffered engine failure.  The 5's motor was new, therefore the team did not travel with their spare. His race weekend was over.

        A driver that had things going his way early was the 88, Chris Turbush.  His lap of 22.670 in session 1 was good enough to hold onto the pole. Allen Coates put the Donleavy #99 on the outside pole in the same session. Gerard Giordano Jr . qualified the 15jr. third with a lap of 22.727.   The top three qualifiers were separated by less than one half of a tenth of a second. Rounding out the top 5 in qualifying were Frank Dumicich Jr.. and Josh Stringer. Other notables were reigning series champion Andy Lindeman stating from 8th and Dave Koenig rolling off 13th.

         The field lined up under partly cloudy skies.  Te green flag flew. Turbush and Coates barreled off into turn 1. Coates used momentum gained running high in the corner and pulled ahead as the pair powered down the back stretch. Into turn three the 88 squeezed up. Coates made room and had the lead as they motored by the flag stand.  The duo charged into turn one. Turbush slid the 88 into the side of the Donleavy 99.   The contact knocked Coates into the turn 2 wall ending his day.  Turbush was sent to the rear of the field amongst a chorus of cheers from the crowd.

         The  restart was a battle between the 15jr of Giordano and the 42 of Frank Dumicich Jr. Side by side they battled up front .  Turbush put on a charge from the back.  he had a winning truck. The question was if he had the skills to work traffic cleanly. Officials warned the team for their driver t drive clean. Could he compete with out further contact?

          After 2 laps of green the field was under caution from Rick Ashlaw's spin .  Rick's #28 has a bright paint scheme that fans love, and you certainly can't miss. Certainly the bright paint scheme may have contributed to his  his surviving the incident without damage for he spun in the middle of traffic with no contact.

         Dumicich had lane choice for the next restart. He moved outside. The two leaders put on another display of professional racing with entertaining side by side action . Turbush was also putting on a show of his own as he charged from the back.  Having a great run was the 199 of Eric Finkbein.  The upstart team constantly improved throughout 2016. Over the winter their ProTruck was completely reworked.  The 199 seemed to be stronger lap by lap as Eric marched forward .   Turbush caught Finkbein and challenged side by side.  Eric, using the top groove could hold off Chris on the low line. Unfortunately Turbush tuned right, slamming the 199 into the front stretch wall.  Race officials disqualified the 88. The crowd cheered as the black flag flew. It was obvious that the overaggressive and careless style was not received well by fans.

      On the ensuing restart the 42 was able to maintain his lead.  Laps clicked off and the race was winding down.    It was looking like Dumicich, in his immaculately prepared Silverado was on cruise control when the 25 of Jordan Churchill spun.  Jordan was in his first Mr. Rooter ProTruck series event.  The spin was a mild set back for his run throughout practice, qualifying and to this point in the race had been flawless. The 25 was undamaged and the field was soon set for the restart.

       The 42 had a tougher time holding off  the 15jr. this time.  Dumicich would say post race, "He got next to be but a quick caution flag helped to fix the problem."  The yellow was caused when a suspension component of  Dave Koenig's 97 failed.  The right front collapsed.  Koenig's 97 slammed into Jim Boyle. The hit destroyed Boyles #2 . Boyle had put together a fine run, and was running in 6th place at the time of the incident.

          The multiple restarts created some challenges for the 29 of Josh Stringer. His battles with the 2 of Duane Noll resulted in a few warnings from race control to Noll.  On the  restarts Noll would take 3rd back, but Stringer was not to be outdone. He scratched his 29 back into the 3rd position again and again.

          Dumicich survived all the restarts and cruised the rest of the way to the win. For racers in New England, having a victory at Thompson Speedway is a rewarding accomplishment.  Ice Breaker weekend victories are even more rewarding. This victory lane had even another level of special. In victory lane was the Dumicich family. On the car, a thanks to Mom and Dad. Franks niece and daughter were soon in his arms as the cameras clicked away. A few moments later, the whole family joined on the photo. The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series could not have a better representative in victory lane. Frank Dumicich Jr. is a tough competitor, a smart racer, and a family man.  That combination is tough to beat.

        The series is off to Stafford Speedway for the Spring Sizzler next.  A full field of ProTrucks is expected to be on hand. This is the 46th running of the Napa Auto Parts Spring Sizzler. For more information or to order tickets for the 46th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at www.staffordspeedway.com.
  Capitol Pole position : 88 Chris Turbush  22.680 seconds  
Lap leaders : (1)  99 Allen Coates, (2-5) 15jr. Gerard Giordano,  (6-35)  42 Frank Dumicich Jr.
For complete results go to the schedule and click on the winner's number.

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